Evil Dee & Mr. Walt Mine Some Amazing Beats & Put ‘Em To The Test (Video) - @AFH Ambrosia for Heads Artes & contextos Da Beatminerz

Evil Dee & Mr. Walt Mine Some Amazing Beats & Put ‘Em To The Test (Video) – @AFH Ambrosia for Heads
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DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt are one of the most successful brotherly groups in Hip-Hop. As Da Beatminerz, the Brooklyn, New York record clerks-turned-DJ/producers have laced ageless knocking beats for Smif-n-Wessun, The Roots, Mos Def, and of course Black Moon (which Evil is one-third of). From Academy Records to their Bushwick studios, Da Beatminerz are latest contestants on that “Rhythm Roulette” screen.

Grabbing records by Kraut-Rock icons Can, Scott Wright, and Gene Clark—Walt even sniffs his records when blindfolded to inform the decision. What results are several beats—(as Evil Dee and Walt work together, and also apart in this segment) that simply smash. In their cluttered studio, the Brothers Dewgarde make it look easy—as they sample, overdub, and take three vastly different records for some creations that sound mighty. Fans of vocal harmonies, chord progressions, and knocking Boot Camp Clik drums will appreciate these results.



Evil Dee (ever the mixer) takes his beat and lays it against some vocals from Krumbsnatcha and M.O.P.’s Training Day single “W.O.L.V.E.S.” that would sound cozy on its own 12″ vinyl.

Mr. Walt takes his records upstairs to create a second beat, blending pioneering Hip-Hop, pulsating drums, and guides his sample right in. Just as Walt did for him in the basement, Evil returns the favor with some of what he calls “couch production” for his brother.

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Hopefully this beat appears someplace, and Da Beatminerz have some album work cooking.



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