Author: Rui Freitas

Journalist, Director. Degree in Art Studies. He writes poetry and short stories, paints with almost everything and digresses about the arts. It is an irrecoverable dilettante.
April 29, 2021 Off

Luiza de Jesus - The Killer of the Wheel

By Rui Freitas

Maria Henrique is transfigured and reconfigured again and again, under the dominion of Luíza de Jesus who owns her; she is condemned on the way to the gallows, while being attenuated (burned with red-hot tongs), a lost face without an identifiable expression, but not only.

November 13, 2020 Off

ProjectoMAP 2010–2020. Map or Exhibition

By Rui Freitas

The MAP project is an idea that arises from the desire to document the paths of art in Portugal and for that it dismisses academics and critics and uses artists, usually relegated to extras in artistic criticism.

June 14, 2020 0

Hélène Planquelle, The Subjectivity of an Other Consciousness

By Rui Freitas

Hélène Planquelle gives us strong images, in oil, in dry tones; drawings in charcoal, where the black reigns, images loaded with a symbology that transports us to a dreamlike plane, to an alcove or a nightmare. Paintings and drawings of almost palpable volume of Renaissance sculpture; with a pictorial, almost impressionistic touch.