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June 4, 2021 0 By Isabel Pinheiro

Sandmann Court-Royal


"When the Mirror Reflects the Image of the Other"

This could be the motto for the exhibition “Chegar” by Sandmann (Francisca Côrte-Real), presented in Lisboa.

Unlike what happened in her previous exhibition “Casa Cheia”, in which the artist portrayed herself in her various experiences, already through the mirror; here Sandmann leaves herself, her own reality to focus on others, on her own experiences, on her realities in a context as far away from herself as possible.


Exposição "Chegar" de Sandmann Côrte-Real

Exhibition “Chegar” by Sandmann Côrte-Real


According to Sandmann, “it is also through art that we are able to reach the other, know their points of view, create empathy for others, other peoples, other customs without, in fact, needing to be with them or know them personally”.
It's enough that we focus more on the other and, not so much, on ourselves.

The proof of this is this exhibition in which the artist, influenced by two films that made her feel life differently, presents us with works with the experience of indigenous tribes, for which she can feel a deep empathy without actually knowing them personally. . We just need to be able to "enter" more into the other, their life, their customs because there are so many different realities, no less important than ours, just different and that's what the artist discovers by focusing on others and not on itself.
In fact, the artist is always influenced by what is happening around him, whether at a distance or close to him.


Exposição "Chegar" de Sandmann Côrte-Real - Artes & contextos

Exhibition “Chegar” by Sandmann Côrte-Real


“We are always the reflection of everything that passes through us”.

And, in this perspective, “when we look in the mirror we don't see ourselves but the other” adds Sandmann.
And that's what goes on with the mirror, what's behind our reflection is probably more important than our image reflected there. We just need to be attentive.
In this context, mirror painting was the choice of this artist where the roles were reversed, that is, we see ourselves reflected through the gaze of the other.

It is possible, and in this case, the spectator also almost participates in the work by seeing himself reflected in the mirror and in the work itself.
Also when painting the indigenous people, looking at herself in the mirror, the painter feels transported into the interior of that character and her experience within that tribe.

“Painting is a mirror that continues to reflect the artist and the spectator; being that when painting in the mirror there is always a reflection on us, what we are, and what we project onto us”. says Sandmann.
Proof of this is what happens with "Narcissus", the character in the book The Alchemist, in which Narcissus lives only to admire himself in the lake, seeing himself reflected there as if it were a mirror, until the day he falls into the lake and dies. The whole forest plunges into a deep sadness and the forest fairies ask the lake, “we realized that you are sad because you were the one who lived most with Narcissus, with his beauty”.


Exposição "Chegar" de Sandmann Côrte-Real - Artes & contextos

Exhibition “Chegar” by Sandmann Côrte-Real


"Was Narcissus beautiful?" asked the lake. “Yes – replied the fairies, – he was the most beautiful of all of us. But have you never seen Narcissus?” ask the fairies.
And the lake responds “I never saw Narcissus, I just saw myself reflected in his eyes”, the lake changed and increased from so much crying with sadness.
The lake, too, was always seen through Narcissus' eyes, as we always see ourselves through the eyes of others.

Reality is not always what it seems and that is why life so often becomes so dubious.

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