Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos Wings FI 1

Cristina Troufa Exhibits “FORTE”

April 16, 2021 Off By Isabel Pinheiro

Cristina Troufa


Us and the other ... or rather, me and the other.

But what else, I am me and no one else, fake… we are us and all the others we talk to, who walk inside our heads, sometimes “big bugs” who question us, why do you do this? why do you think that? look to the side, who are you talking to? It's me, don't you understand?

Your other! Everything was very strange, but Cristina Troufa managed to show us that we are as many as we want through her painting.


Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos Make a Wish Cristina Troufa 1

Make a Wish, Cristina Troufa


We can be strong, less strong, have hope and look to the future with a smile, but then comes that gray “cloud” over the other's head and the smile, where did it go?

Don't you see that you struggle, talk and argue with yourself? It's all me!


Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos Wings Cristina Troufa 1

Wings, Cristina Troufa


Cristina puts her light and candid characters, sad or happy, laughing or not, as life takes us. Today we can choose, it's sunny! I am the radiant, the one who shines with the light, the one who jumps and dances with the Sun as it shines more or less, this is what I want to be today.

But when the night comes, her characters, the others, “wear” other clothes and the night makes them curl up in themselves, and together they become one again.


Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos Under The Surface Cristina Troufa 1

Under The Surface, Cristina Troufa


Cristina Troufa looks outside herself, and imagines how her other characters, locked in their own confinement, feel the lack of oxygen that makes them live, the green of the plants that fill their souls and make them live without fear.

After all, we talk about staging ourselves, in this case of the only character, Cristina who becomes a force of Nature and witnesses through her “imaginary dolls” what life forces us to live.

The lightness with which he paints his “others”, shows us the sensitivity that he puts in each work, in such a way that they seem to fly, they float in the water with such lightness that they barely touch him. 

It is all us, the others and me, and together they form one Cristina Troufa, who deserves our applause and admiration for the painstaking and so true painting that she presents to us.


Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos Roof Cristna Troufa

Roof, Cristina Troufa


Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos Intuicao Cristina Troufa 1

Intuition, Cristina Troufa


Cristina Troufa Expõe “FORTE” Artes & contextos A Cura Cristina Troufa 1

The Cure, Cristina Troufa


It is not surprising, therefore, that his work is so requested and represented by the outside world, whether in individual or collective exhibitions, is part of private collections, having even been a judge of the “Portugart” project in London, in the selection of artists Portuguese for an exhibition in the same city.

After all, Cristina Troufa can be anything she wants, she and the others, her others and all together represent our resilience as human beings, who so often fight for their survival. 


We and the others, I repeat, after all, are the others and ourselves!


The Exhibition is shown in the CNAP until May 1, 2021

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