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February 5, 2016 0 By Rui Manuel Sousa

The group Galandum Galundaina, always at the service of the preservation and dissemination of the cultural identity of Terras de Miranda (Nordeste Transmontano), has a new album, just arrived. After L First, Fashions i Anzonas and Lord Galandum it's now time to wed the 4th record work of the group and which marks the beginning of the commemorations of its 20 years of existence.

The promotion of wed on Facebook, quite original by the way, it shows several photos of the CD traveling to various places in Portugal as well as abroad, a symbol that Trás-os-Montes music is in good health and willing to travel around the world.

It is referred by the group on its page., that this new work is more elaborate in the vocal and instrumental harmonies and with more complex rhythmic developments. With regard to the ancient and traditional instruments that the Galandum usually use, we continue to find the Pastoril Flute, the Rabel, the Psalter, the Sanfona and the Mirandesa Bagpipes which, due to its standardization, became an instrument with greater extension. melodic and chromatic, deserving greater prominence in wed.

There are several collaborations on the record, Manuela Azevedo, from Clã, sings in Mirandese language (recognized by Law 7/99, of 29 January as the official language of Portugal) the theme so much dove and in a help coming from the islands, Zeca Medeiros sings the theme Follow Malta with lyrics by Amadeu Ferreira. There is a band of Plague and AIDS, baby baby, and an original theme by Rui Rodrigues, Ze Pereira, both with arrangements and interpretation by Galandum Galundaina.

To whet your appetite here's the link to one of the new songs, To Dance Morena, a theme that is inspired by the old melody of a song usually sung at traditional evenings, complemented with new melodies, arrangements and harmonies:

“eiqui fall la nuoba moda”:

The Galandum Galundaina are also co-organizers of the “L Burro il Gueiteiro” Traditional Culture Itinerant Festival, where donkey rides take place to the sound of bagpipes, workshops varied and evening concerts.

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