Artes & contextos is an online Social Communication Agency accredited and registered with the ERC with No. 126564, maintained by a group of friends and for the love of the arts, and does not generate any profits. We have no institutional support or commercial connections, so we are totally free. None of us receives any remuneration, but we also have no commitment. It is a pastime to which each of us dedicates the time and delivery he wants.

We talk about Cinema, Theater, Literature, Plastic Arts, Music, Urban Arts and the Arts in general strictly from an artistic point of view. (We are not interested in finances, weddings, or the party or club of artists or anyone else).

We privilege, but are not restricted to artists at the beginning of their careers, or for some reason unrelated to the quality of their work, artists who are distant from the mainstream.

We seek to join us:

Passionate about the Arts, of any age - no specific educational qualifications are required, but rather a passion for Art, a good capacity for analysis and ease of written expression are fundamental. As we live on the World Wide Web, the physical place where we find ourselves does not matter.

Whoever comes,

he will always write without compromise - neither in terms of execution time nor quantity of works - articles under themes requested by the editor or suggested by himself, for publication on the website, in the name of the author himself;

You may be promptly asked to:

depending on your area of interest, watch films, or theater plays at the invitation of distributors, promoters, theaters or companies, or that you visit Exhibition Openings at the invitation of the Galleries or exhibitions in progress and then prepare a work appreciative of what he saw;

prepare interviews with artists, different stakeholders and people of interest and conduct the respective interview (when in person and if you wish);

always strictly from an artistic point of view,

prepare separate works on works; about artists and any other stakeholders or people of interest in the world of the arts; on Currents, Movements, Trends, etc.

Our physical headquarters are in Lisbon, but it could be in Polynesia. We have a private page on Facebook to share ideas, work, or simple conversation, and for our contacts we privilege in addition to this way, Whatsapp and Email.

The team meets punctually, but this, like everything else, is not mandatory for anyone.

Get closer

Send us an email to [email protected]

or call: +351 933058497

it will be easy to like us.


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