What is
Artes & contextos is a Social Communication Agency, dedicated exclusively to artistic information, whose main objective is the dissemination of information related to the world of the arts, seeking to ensure its reach to the largest possible number of readers, transforming those who are not yet , in connoisseurs and consumers of art.

Artes & contextos disseminates events and reflects on selected works of art and artistic events: living room or street; gallery or studio; literary, stage or screen; learned or popular; contemporary or timeless; of notable or unknown artists, in vogue or the past, newcomers or the future.
Artes & contextos disseminates and shares ideas, in the form of texts of analysis and appreciation, experimental works or of recognized interest, own or of third parties and conversations with artists, connoisseurs, collectors, and stakeholders with interest, from and in the world of the arts.

Artes & contextos, respecting the constitutional rights and duties of Freedom of Expression and Information, accurately distinguishes news from opinion articles, and assuming the right to own opinion on all pieces in editorial, ensures that all opinion articles are identified as such, and signed.

The Exemption
Artes & contextos is governed by scrupulous criteria of exemption and independence, and does not admit any commercial or corporate commitments; political or ideological; religious or any other, purportedly guiding thought or character shaping, but respecting all opinions, beliefs and creeds, within the limits of Human Rights.

Artes & contextos has humanistic and humanitarian concerns and will demonstrate, whenever appropriate and pertinent, the defense of human rights.
Artes & contextos advocates a universal right to happiness and a universal obligation respect for individual rights.