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The team



Rui Freitas

Director / Editor / Literature and Fine Arts


Degree in Art Studies. He writes poetry and short stories, paints with almost everything and digresses about the arts. It is an irrecoverable dilettante.

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Rui Manuel Sousa

Deputy Director / Music and Cordophones

Musician, enthusiast of cordophones who likes to talk about music, its alchemy and its indelible cultural sense.
Laura Carvalho Torres

Podcast and Cinema


Graduated in Art History, passionate about art and photography, with the motto: life only begins after a good coffee, and a painting by Velázquez.

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Bruno Freitas


Live it, Love it, Rock it! Writes about Music and Musicians.

Isabel Pine



Always looking attentively, peering at the beauty around me, I observe and absorb in order to, rambling on the word, reveal and help to bring to light what I find along the way.

Bernardo Vasconcelos

Literature, Cinema and Photography


Born in Lisbon, in 1993. Son of the Tagus, a Lisboner of passion, he has been rediscovering himself through art, and what it provides him. Studying cinema and moving image.

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Philip Daniel

Theater and Performance

Lisboa, 1999. Try to find answers on the Stage. He sees theater as an ally of history and philosophy to solve (or not) the world's problems.

Olivia of the coast

Visual arts

An architect by training and passion, I also write words about art, exhibitions, artists, galleries, museums… about the moment, about what I like, whether in prose, poetry or a mixture of the two.




Nicole Chattin

Event Poster Management


From the area of communication, Chilean nationality, yoga lover, tattoos and a good glass of red wine in the middle of the week. She is fond of events and art in general, but mainly of the walls that speak.

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Milene Axe

Promotion and Social Networks


I lined the walls of the room with the book that I have yet to finish and from then on I realized that better than said, only written. Great conversations are held in silence.



Constance Costa Santos

English and French translation

Degree in General Studies and lover of art, literature and culture in general. I am also passionate about food.


Invited Authors

Luisa Crevice

Freelancer Author - Literature


I write chronicles, short stories and poetry. I rehearse words between lines and opine on cinema, preferably African and Lusophone. I sow letters, collect syllables and rumble ideas.

Alvaro Lobato de Faria

Invited Author - Painting, Essay


Coordinating director of the Contemporary Art Movement, professor, I give lectures, conferences, curatorships and art criticism in Portugal and abroad with an impact on the Portuguese-speaking world.