Street Art Best Of – April 2019

Street Art Best Of – April 2019

29 de abril, 2019 0 Por Artes & contextos
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My top selection of street artworks created in the last four weeks. It’s obviously a small sample and there are lots more fantastic works that have been painted. Feel free to comment and share your favorites   with us.

Adelaide, Australia. New mural by Peeta for Wonderwalls Port Adelaide
Discover Peeta artworks 

Amazing 3d graffiti artwork by Peeta in Australia. Best of Street Art
Peeta In Australia

Ashkelon, Israel. New mural by Mars for Artists 4 Israel
Mars Instagram

amazing mural portrait by street artist Mars in Israel
Mars in Israel

Belfast, UK New artwork by British artist Irony for Seedhead Arts
Irony Instagram

female mural by Irony in Belfast
Irony in Belfast

Chris Chanyang Shim aka Royyal Dog
Bialik 61, Ashkelon, Israel – New Artwork by Korean street artist Royyal Dog
Royyal Dog Instagram 

asian woman painted on a wall, by street artist Royyal Dog
Royyal Dog in Israel

Düsseldorf, Germany – New artwork by French artist Ardif
Ardif Instagram 

wolf portrait . street art by Ardif
Ardif in Germany

JDL Street Art
Epinal, France – New mural by JDL for Le Mur Epinal
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amazing mural by JDL . Young female street artist from Netherlands
JDL in France

CLAP Meataxe Design
Frankston, Australia – New artwork by CLAP Meataxe Design for The BIG Picture fest
Clap Meataxe website 

black and white mural by CLAP Meataxe in Frankston
CLAP Meataxe in Australia

Rogue One
Glasgow, UK – New mural by Scottish artist Rogue One
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new mural by scottish street artist RogueOne in Scotland
RogueOne in Glasgow

Jade Rivera
Lima, Peru – New mural by Peruvian artist Jade Rivera
Jade Rivera Website 

new artwork by street artist Jade Rivera
Jade Rivera in Peru

David Flores
Los Angeles, California, USA – “Bob Marley” by David Flores. Location- 5242 W Adams Boulevard – L.A
David Flores Website 

Bob marley by street artist David Flores in California
David Flores in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, USA – “Sophia Loren” by Indiangiver
Indiangiver Instagram 

Sophia loren by Indiangiver street artist
Indiangiver in Los Angeles

Guille PS (SR Crew)
Malaga, Spain- New mural by Guille PS (SR Crew) at Artsenal. Centro de Arte y Cultura en Málaga.
Guille PS Instagram 

young female portrait by street artist Guille PS
Guille PS in Spain

Fintan Magee 
Papeete, Tahiti – New artwork by Australian artist Fintan Magee
Fintan Magee Website 

amazing mural by street artist Fintan Magee
Fintan Magee in Tahiti

Julia Volchkova
Port Klang, Malaysia – New mural by Russian artist Julia Volchkova
Discover Julia Volchkova Artworks 

man painted on a wall by street artist Julia Volchkova
Julia Volchkova in Malaysia

Milu Correch
Río Grande, Argentina – New artwork by Milu Correch for Festival Curva
Milu Correch Website 

amazing mural . two women painted by milu correch
Milu Correch in Argentina

Saint Petersburg, Russia – “Leon” by HoodGraff.
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Leon movie .Painted on a wall by street artist duo HoodGraff
HoodGraff in Russia

“Siesta en el Jardín” Buenos Aires, Argentina – New mural artwork by AnimalitoLand
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