Undulating Shell Sculptures by Rowan Mersh - @ThisisColossal Artes & contextos Rowan Mersh

Undulating Shell Sculptures by Rowan Mersh – @ThisisColossal

25 de junho, 2016 0 Por Artes & contextos

Turritella Duplicata II, 2015. Turritella duplicata shells by Rowan Mersh

London-based artist Rowan Mersh assembles dense rolling surfaces comprised of thousands of seashells, tiny solid objects that now appear like fluid waves. Mimicking the natural geometric patterns found in life, the artist uses responsibly sourced shells like windowpane oyster discs or duplicata shells that are tightly arranged in a labor-intensive process, one piece at a time. The shell artworks are just a small portion of Mersh’s artist practice that also spans fashion design, textile sculptures, and interactive installations. He exhibits internationally with Gallery FUMI where you can see much more of his recent works. (thnx, Laura!)


Turritella Duplicata II, detail.


Turritella Duplicata II, detail.


Turritella Duplicata II, detail.


Placuna Phoenix IV, 2015. Windowpane oyster shell discs.


Placuna Phoenix IV, detail.


Placuna Phoenix IV, detail.


Placuna Phoenix IV, detail.


Pithvava Male, 2013. Dentalium shells.


Pithvava Male, detail.

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