Hear De La Soul's Funky New Song 'Trainwreck' - @Rolling Stone Artes & contextos De La Soul

Hear De La Soul’s Funky New Song ‘Trainwreck’ – @Rolling Stone

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De La Soul released new track “Trainwreck” from their surprise EP, For Your Pain and Suffering. The four-song set was released to tide fans over while the group readies its crowdfunded full-length album, And the Anonymous Nobody. The LP will be their first since 2004’s The Grind Date.

“Trainwreck” is a funky, feel-good track that opens with spoken word and a chorus that warns: “Don’t turn your back when she’s on that track/ Watch out for that trainwreck/ ‘Cause when she come you better watch your back.”

De La Soul raised more than $600,000 to make their forthcoming LP. The rap group’s new label-free existence allowed them to create ambitious arrangements like on “Drawn,” which features indie band Little Dragon and a five-minute instrumental introduction.

“We couldn’t do that on a regular label,” De La Soul’s Kelvin “Posdnous” Mercer told Rolling Stone in an interview from February. “How you gonna present them with a song like this? They may think it’s beautiful but then it’s like, ‘Okay, so, there’s no chorus. For maybe the first three minutes of the record, you’re nowhere to be found.'”


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