#world - Bob Seger planning album and live dates - @Classic Rock Artes & contextos world bob seger planning album and live dates classic rock

#world – Bob Seger planning album and live dates – @Classic Rock
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#world - Bob Seger planning album and live dates - @Classic Rock Artes & contextos

He’ll release record of previously unreleased tracks titled I Knew You When and head out on the road on a “bucket list tour”

Bob Seger will release an album of previously unreleased tracks that he’s updated, it’s been announced.

The compilation will be entitled I Knew You When and will mark his 50th year in the music business.

No further album details have been released but Billboard reports he’ll head out on a “bucket list tour,” taking in places the singer-songwriter has always wanted to play, including the Hollywood Bowl and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

Seger also admits he’s finding it harder to pen lyrics these days – although writing music is second nature to him.

He says: “It never gets easier. It takes huge chunks of time, and you’ve got to commit to an enormous amount of staring out the window waiting for the lyric to come.

“The music comes fairly easily because I’ve been doing this for so long. But coming up with the right lyric is much more difficult – to write something that’s unique in its own way, and universal.

Seger released his 17th album entitled Ride Out in 2014, and says the track You Take Me In is one of his favourites. “That’s about my wife, so it’s not always about world events or whatever,” he says. “The music takes me where the lyric goes.

“Sometimes I start with a title. I did that with Beautiful Loser and Night Moves. But I didn’t know Mainstreet was gonna be Mainstreet until I sang it. It happens so many different and mysterious ways, it’s difficult to quantify.”

Further details on I Knew You When and Seger’s touring plans will be revealed in due course.

The Billboard Touring Conference & Awards presented Seger with the Legend Of Live Award last week.

#world - Bob Seger planning album and live dates - @Classic Rock Artes & contextos


In 2007, Bob Seger looked back at his 40 year career with Classic Rock



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